hurricanes & heartaches (rejeneration) wrote,
hurricanes & heartaches

-blowing off the cobwebs- Idol intentions...

There have been a lot of times that I've written here with intention. A want to inspire. Create. Love. Rant. Breathe.

When I first started, a little more than fifteen years ago, I wanted to cure an incurable loneliness.

After years of talking, and all the friendships made (unfortunately, some animosity, too), I left with the hopes of finding peace. A settlement I found, and sidled into, left to its honest shelter.

Now, ... well, now, I'd just like to write for myself. To play in the illusion of being less the responsible adult, and more the carefree dreamer. =D

This'll stand as my declaration for joining therealljidol this year! =D I hope that, if I still have anything left to offer in this place, it'll be something good. Something happy. I look forward to sharing that!
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