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to slay the dragon, it only takes one sword

We live globally.

We are no longer segmented tribes relying on native ingenuity for health and prosperity. Tiny, little self-sustaining enclaves of sovereignty. We are readily manipulated, instantly accessible- hand to mouth- convenient, in the blink of an eye.

We are twenty-four/seven, spread out across seas and deserts, at the ready, written up in blog-o-spheres, show-n-tell style, verbal sects of secrets and means. Digital society of rules and norms.

We blow microcosms into macrocosms, engine picking up speed, until the lines defining you and me are so out-of-shape, we forget to tell ourselves apart. Forget we even can.

We hurtle through space towards groupthink, and grouptalk, and groupmind. Origins of originals from uncut cloth, time-stamped and punched out- fabricated clichés.

We live chain-link lifestyles, a sucking commensal whorl. Eating independence like a bloated tick. Until it falls off, fat and dead—destroyed by glut and opportunity. Feeding death because we let it.

So pull the plug. Let the lights go out. Untangle. Un-fear. Un-unite. Live lonely, learn yourself. Then see your brother and your sister, line-by-line. The shape and fabric of each beyond the super-connected tissue of a world passing by.
Tags: change&growth, in desperate times - desperate measures, on words, original writing, the message
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